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Estate planning requires more than just a will

Many Sun City residents assume that the only estate planning they need to do is deciding who gets the family home, or other important assets, once they pass away. While writing a will is a crucial part of the estate planning process, it is far from being the only part. In addition to dividing up your assets after death, you also need to make sure you take care of yourself while you are alive. For example, some people suffer illness or injuries that make it impossible for them to make the necessary plans.

If I die without a will, who gets my stuff?

Estate planning experts constantly remind us that we should create a will as soon as possible in order to avoid dying without a will. It is important to understand why they say this. If you die without a will, Arizona's intestate laws will determine how your property will be distributed to your heirs. If you do not have any relatives, the state will take possession of the estate. That is why having a will is essential, particularly for unmarried couples.

Wills are not only for the wealthy

One of the biggest misconceptions people have about estate planning is that it is only for the wealthy. However, even people with only a few assets should create a will to settle their estates upon their death. Creating a will is not for your benefit, but rather for the benefit of your loved ones.

Avoid these estate planning pitfalls

As you start thinking about the future, you may start to plan the distribution of your property to your beneficiaries when you pass away. However, many people make the mistake of ignoring seemingly small or insignificant pieces of personal property. If you want your family to divide up your assets peacefully, you need to avoid these mistakes as you draft your will and other estate planning documents.

How can I make sure my will is valid?

Before one passes away, they need to make sure their family is taken care of financially when they are gone. To do this, they should consider drafting a will to legally distribute their assets to their loved ones in a legal way. But, creating a will is not as simple as writing down who gets what. They must follow the rules in the state to make sure the will is valid.

Estate planning advice for Arizona residents

Both men and women may find it uncomfortable to prepare for death, but it is necessary to ensure that your assets end up in the right hands. Women have a unique set of challenges when it comes to creating wills and dealing with other parts of estate planning. Statistics show that on average, women live 4.9 years longer than men. In addition to longer life expectancies, many women take time off work to raise a family and therefore have shorter work histories. As a result, they may have less saved up for retirement. In many cases, a woman will outlive their spouse and will need a solid estate plan in place to help her protect her estate when she passes.

Updating your will is as important as the will itself

Estate plans are incredibly important to preserving your legacy and passing on your assets and wealth to those that you want to benefit from it. It is the will that is most essential in this regard, as it is a legal document that clearly lays out your wishes and demands for how your estate will be distributed and handled. Without a will, your estate could descend into chaos and confusion.

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Our legal documents were outdated due to time and circumstances.
The staff at Moore Law Firm worked with us to develop a trust and other legal documents which meet our current as well as our future needs.
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