Buy Or Sell A Home With Confidence

For most of us, buying our family home is the biggest, most important purchase we will make in our lives. When we sell our family home, it is likewise the most significant sale we will ever be involved in. At Moore Law Firm, we help you fully understand every detail of the purchase and sale so that your decisions are informed ones benefiting you and your family.

Our firm helps Sun City residents and people all across Arizona's Northwest Valley carry out real estate transactions with confidence.

Experience And Knowledge To Make The Difference

For more than 25 years, we have been helping clients buy and sell real property. We also help people who want to lease land and buildings.

We have extensive real estate law experience in drafting, negotiating and analyzing a wide variety of transaction documents:

  • Residential real estate purchase contracts
  • Residential real estate sales contracts
  • Title review
  • Lease agreements, including leases with options to buy
  • Notes
  • Seller financing agreements
  • Deeds of trust
  • Tax considerations
  • Deeds — conveyances

Safety And Security In Buying And Selling

A skilled real estate professional enables both buyers and sellers of residential properties to move through the transaction with confidence. Our law firm helps clients identify potential acquisition, lease and sales obstacles before transactions are finalized. We also help negotiate and resolve challenges so that safe, secure outcomes can be realized.

We can also help clients with real estate issues to contend within probate, as well as providing guidance to out-of-state attorneys with real property transfers in matters of ancillary administration of probate.

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