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July 2018 Archives

Do you really own valuable antiques?

If you own antiques, they may well become part of your Arizona estate plan. After all, they represent highly valuable assets – or do they? Unfortunately, TV programs like Antiques Roadshow, et al notwithstanding, just because you own something old does not necessarily mean that it is an antique or worth a lot of money.

Certain estate plan players can play pivotal role in outcome

At first glance you might think that estate planning is a simple process. After all, you only need to decide where your assets will go upon your passing, then devise legal documents indicating your wishes. This very basic assumption is correct to a certain extent, but estate planning is about so much more than merely picking and choosing beneficiaries. Estate planning is also about anticipating things that can go wrong and planning for ways to avoid unwanted and unexpected consequences.

Sun City firm helping realize estate planning goals

Our topic of discussion last week on the blog was conservatorships. Although these court-ordered arrangements can prove beneficial, they can leave some individuals feeling uneasy, and for good reason. Fortunately for these individuals, this issue can be completely avoided through careful planning, but it does highlight just how fact-specific and detail-oriented estate planning can be. It also shows how a little-known or little-considered issue can throw an estate plan into a tailspin.

What is a "conservatorship" in elder law?

Oftentimes the anxiety that comes with growing older stems from the uneasiness a person feels when thinking about nearing death or merely becoming less capable of doing the day-to-day activities that he or she enjoys. At its heart, estate planning seeks to reduce or eliminate these fears by devising a system through which assets can be protected and distributed.

Long-term care and how to pay for it

When Arizonans engage in estate planning, they often think about how best to protect their assets and ensure that their beneficiaries receive those assets upon the planner's death. In a nutshell, this is the heart of estate planning. However, there are many other issues that can play an important role in estate planning. These matters, when left unaddressed, can leave an individual facing serious financial troubles, but also problems related to his or her own healthcare.

3 benefits of a special needs trust

It is important to provide for your loved ones and ensure they are financially stable after you pass away. This can be fairly involved in and of itself, but you face additional challenges when you are establishing an estate plan with a beneficiary who has special needs. Fortunately, there is a particular kind of trust that addresses the circumstances common to many people with disabilities. 

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I got the family trust updated.
I was very pleased with the expertise and professionalism exhibited by your staff in serving my needs.

I needed to review my Will, recommended by my son.
Mr. Farrer’s expertise helped me realize that a Trust would better serve my needs.
The staff and Mr. Farrer were very professional and friendly (not cold). Thank you. Very comfortable atmosphere.

Our legal documents were outdated due to time and circumstances.
The staff at Moore Law Firm worked with us to develop a trust and other legal documents which meet our current as well as our future needs.
The staff at moore law firm were so professional, knowledgable and friendly to work with. They worked beyond to accomodate our needs. Thank you all.

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