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Powers of attorney as part of an estate plan

Planning can be challenging for some, whether it is making plans for the weekend, next month, next year or at the end of his or her life. Estate planning can be an intricate process that allows you to dictate every detail of how your estate will be handled upon your death. But what happens if you don't make it that far in good health? What if you suddenly become incapable of making important financial and healthcare decisions on your own? If you haven't addressed this in your estate plan, then you may be subjected to a guardianship where another individual petitions the court to assume legal responsibility for you and your affairs. While that might sound okay, the individual who winds up assuming guardianship may not be your first choice.

The often neglected aspects of estate planning

Estate planning encompasses a lot of different things. For some, estate planning is nothing more than creating a basic will. For others, the process is more about preserving their legacy. This highlights one of the most important things about estate planning: it is customizable to fit your needs. While this certainly holds true for dealing with complex financial matters, it is also true for what is often thought of as "soft" estate planning.

Need competent estate planning? Look no further

A few weeks ago on the blog we discussed Aretha Franklin's estate and how it was not subjected to any wills or trusts. In short, Franklin neglected to engage in estate planning of any sort. This may leave her considerable estate open to dispute as well as increased taxes. This is something that everyone should want to avoid, including those living in the Sun City area.

A primer on the probate process

People who talk about estate planning often talk about the probate process. Generally speaking, the probate process is one where a court appoints someone to administer an estate after an individual's passing. This representative is then responsible for paying estate debts and ensuring that estate assets are distributed properly.

Aretha Franklin's estate serves as cautionary tale

When done correctly, estate planning is rarely news worthy. However, when an individual, especially someone with notoriety or a large estate passes away without implementing the proper protectionary measures, the issue can certainly be worth talking about. This is because a lack of an estate plan can leave the assets within the estate susceptible not only to taxes, but also creditors. It can also open the door for familial disputes to arise, which can force the matter to go through probate court. In the end, this can cost a lot of time, money, heartache and result in a way that the deceased individual never would have intended.

Estate planning in hopes of maintaining a legacy

As an estate planning law firm, we believe in the power of properly tending to one's assets so that they can be passed on in accordance with one's wishes upon death. However, even within the realm of estate planning, there are different strategies that can be undertaken depending upon one's stated goals. For example, those who merely want to ensure that their assets are passed down to beloved family members may be able to get away with the simplest of estate planning tools. But those who have numerous assets, want to avoid the overreach of creditors, and those who want to place contingencies upon beneficiaries' access to assets may need a much more in-depth plan.

Family conflict can implode an estate plan

We've spent a lot of time on this blog discussing some of the pitfalls that can land an estate plan in hot water. Concerns over competency, vague or ambiguous terms and even fraud can all draw the validity of an estate plan into question. Yet, those issues may not be the biggest threat to Arizonans estate plans. Instead, infighting amongst family members could be the biggest cause of derailed estate plans.

Certain estate plan players can play pivotal role in outcome

At first glance you might think that estate planning is a simple process. After all, you only need to decide where your assets will go upon your passing, then devise legal documents indicating your wishes. This very basic assumption is correct to a certain extent, but estate planning is about so much more than merely picking and choosing beneficiaries. Estate planning is also about anticipating things that can go wrong and planning for ways to avoid unwanted and unexpected consequences.

Sun City firm helping realize estate planning goals

Our topic of discussion last week on the blog was conservatorships. Although these court-ordered arrangements can prove beneficial, they can leave some individuals feeling uneasy, and for good reason. Fortunately for these individuals, this issue can be completely avoided through careful planning, but it does highlight just how fact-specific and detail-oriented estate planning can be. It also shows how a little-known or little-considered issue can throw an estate plan into a tailspin.

What is a "conservatorship" in elder law?

Oftentimes the anxiety that comes with growing older stems from the uneasiness a person feels when thinking about nearing death or merely becoming less capable of doing the day-to-day activities that he or she enjoys. At its heart, estate planning seeks to reduce or eliminate these fears by devising a system through which assets can be protected and distributed.

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