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Our topic of discussion last week on the blog was conservatorships. Although these court-ordered arrangements can prove beneficial, they can leave some individuals feeling uneasy, and for good reason. Fortunately for these individuals, this issue can be completely avoided through careful planning, but it does highlight just how fact-specific and detail-oriented estate planning can be. It also shows how a little-known or little-considered issue can throw an estate plan into a tailspin.

What is a "conservatorship" in elder law?

Oftentimes the anxiety that comes with growing older stems from the uneasiness a person feels when thinking about nearing death or merely becoming less capable of doing the day-to-day activities that he or she enjoys. At its heart, estate planning seeks to reduce or eliminate these fears by devising a system through which assets can be protected and distributed.

Long-term care and how to pay for it

When Arizonans engage in estate planning, they often think about how best to protect their assets and ensure that their beneficiaries receive those assets upon the planner's death. In a nutshell, this is the heart of estate planning. However, there are many other issues that can play an important role in estate planning. These matters, when left unaddressed, can leave an individual facing serious financial troubles, but also problems related to his or her own healthcare.

Undue influence may affect Stan Lee's estate plan

Arizona estate planning is not just for the wealthy. In fact, a competent estate plan can help people of all walks of life ensure that their physical, emotional and financial well-being, as well as the financial security of their loved ones, is as fully protected as is possible under the given circumstances. It often is beneficial to look at estate planning cases that affect those who are well off, as the lessons they learn are easily transferrable to the everyday person.

Estate planning: how to avoid losing an estate

When done correctly, estate planning can help protect assets in a way that ensures that heirs and beneficiaries are able to retain as much of the estate's wealth as possible. This may mean utilizing wills and trusts to direct asset distribution upon death, but it may also mean choosing estate planning tools that minimize risks, costs and taxation. However, there are other issues that may arise that threaten the financial viability of an estate, even one's that are protected by a strong estate plan.

Estate executor carries many responsibilities

There are many aspects to estate planning, all of which need to be carefully considered. Amongst those is choosing estate executors and trust administrators. These individuals are charged with managing either an individual trust or the estate as a whole, and they carry a fiduciary duty, meaning that their decisions must be in the best interests of the estate and/or trust in question. Therefore, those selected to serve in these roles need to be carefully selected. Also, those who are chosen and those who choose to serve in these capacities need to understand what they are getting themselves into.

Two years after his death, Prince's estate still not distributed

Although legal professionals like us tend to harp on the importance of estate planning, some individuals fail to take notice until something bad happens to them or their loved ones. Stories about celebrities can be illustrative, too, as is the case of former pop singer Prince. Even though the artist died two years ago, his estate has yet to be distributed to heirs.

What does an estate executor do?

Arizonans who are either engaging in initial estate planning or revisiting an existing estate plan have a lot of important decisions to make. Not only do they need to consider how they want their assets to be distributed upon their death, but they have to be diligent about identifying their assets and choosing an individual to administer their estate when they are gone.

Is the AB trust right for me?

Ideally, an individual will have an iron-clad estate plan in place before passing away. This would allow one's estate to be distributed according to one's wishes while at the same time avoiding unnecessary expenses. Yet, we all know that the ideal is rarely achieved, which means that many estate plans have errors that can lead to unwanted consequences. One of the biggest mistakes is failing to create a will prior to one's death.

Navigating the probate process

As you go through the estate planning process in Arizona, you will find that in order for you to pass property to someone else through a will, the property may have to go through probate. The trust and probate administration process can be complicated, but there are pros and cons to the process.

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