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On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2018 | trusts

Estate planning is important for a variety of reasons. Amongst those reasons are the protection of an estate’s assets. Although a will may be able to help delineate how property is to be distributed upon one’s death, the document itself, if improperly drafted can be contested. Also, those who pass away with a will may still have to go through probate to a certain extent, which can be time-consuming and costly. The best way to avoid these issues is to secure an estate’s assets in various trusts.

When created in a legally competent and thorough way, these vehicles can serve many purposes. First, they can help an estate avoid probate, thereby saving heirs time and money. Second, trusts can contain terms with regard to how the assets contained within it are to be distributed. This allows an individual to retain control over the estate’s assets, to a certain extent, even after he or she is gone. Lastly, trusts can provide peace of mind, in that they can help an individual feel like his or her assets are secure, beneficiaries are protected and the estate plan is strong.

Many Arizonans find themselves overwhelmed with their estate planning options, though, which is why they choose to either create a simple will or forego the estate planning process altogether. Others think that legal vehicles like trusts are only meant for the wealthy. This simply isn’t true. An experienced legal team, like the one at the Moore Law Firm, can advise Arizonans about the various estate planning tools at their disposal. Then, armed with knowledge, these individuals can make the estate planning decisions that are right for them.

Our law firm is dedicated to creating sound estate plans that leave Arizonans, their families and their estates well-protected. We realize that discussing the end of one’s life is not an easy subject to broach, but we find that our clients are often left feeling relieved after working with us because they know that they have taken an important step in protecting their loved ones and their estate.