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We Are Ready To Help With Your Deed

Few law firms have a department dedicated to helping clients with matters involving deeds. We do, and our Deed Department has proven invaluable to our clients time and time again, helping them resolve a wide variety of problems and concerns with deeds. From our Sun City offices, Moore Law Partners PLLC has been helping clients across Arizona’s Northwest Valley resolve deed-related issues for more than a quarter of a century.

No Matter Where You Are, We Can Help

Because Arizona is a popular retirement destination and home-away-from-home, many of our clients have properties or family members in other states. A skilled attorney can help out-of-state clients with property and deed issues in Arizona, as well as help state residents with real property matters outside of Arizona.

Our experience spans the spectrum of deeds and deed-related issues:

  • Quitclaim deed
  • Beneficiary deed
  • Deed to trust
  • Deed to remove from trust
  • Adding a person to a deed or title
  • Removing a person from a deed or title
  • Promissory note
  • Deed of trust and assignment of rents
  • Disclaimer deed
  • Deed to LLC (limited liability company) and deed to remove from LLC
  • Joint tenancy with right of survivorship deed
  • Community property with right of survivorship deed
  • Warranty deed
  • Tenancy in common deed
  • Affidavit of estate tax certificate and recording of death certificates

We Help You Resolve Problems In Related Matters, Too

Our experience in estate planning, trust creation, probate, ancillary administration and trust administration is invaluable in resolving many related matters.

Our deep roots in the community combine with our knowledge of law to enable us to serve clients across the spectrum of residential real estate issues.

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