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Guiding You Through Trust Administration

Trust administration begins with someone’s passing. That person — often a spouse or a parent — has left to you the role of trustee, along with the responsibility of managing the trust’s assets for the beneficiaries. Carrying out the specific conditions of the trust in accordance with the law can be a complicated process requiring the sound advice and steady guidance of an experienced lawyer. From our Sun City offices, the skilled staff of Moore Law Partners PLLC have been helping trustees across Arizona’s Northwest Valley make prudent legal decisions.

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The trustee must carry out every detail of the trust documents with precision. In some cases, the trustee is required to invest trust assets and protect the trust’s value with the investments. In other situations, the trustee must settle taxes owed on trust income, and pay all other trust-related bills, as well as distribute assets to the beneficiaries.

In all situations, the trustee must read and understand the terms of the trust, and then follow those terms to the letter. We help trustees meet their obligations to the trust, whether it is a revocable living trust or another type of trust.

We help with a wide variety of trust administration tasks:

  • Identifying, transferring and managing trust assets
  • Obtaining appraisals for real properties
  • Serving notices on beneficiaries, creditors and others
  • Helping settle disputes should any arise between beneficiaries
  • Experience in dealing with beneficiaries, lawyers and accountants all over the country

From Beginning To End Of Process

Our staff is dedicated to client service in all aspects of trust creation and administration. We also assist out-of-state trustees who are required to administer a trust in Arizona. We also help state residents meet their fiduciary duties as trustees outside of our state.

In addition, we can also help you efficiently and effectively navigate through the probate process and take care of all aspects of comprehensive estate planning.

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