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Undue influence may affect Stan Lee’s estate plan

Arizona estate planning is not just for the wealthy. In fact, a competent estate plan can help people of all walks of life ensure that their physical, emotional and financial well-being, as well as the financial security of their loved ones, is as fully protected as is possible under the given circumstances. It often is beneficial to look at estate planning cases that affect those who are well off, as the lessons they learn are easily transferrable to the everyday person.

As an example, this week we will look at the case of Stan Lee, famous for creating Marvel comic book characters, such as Spider Man and the Hulk. Lee, whose estate is estimated to be worth of $50 million or more, is now 95-years-old and suffering from a number of health conditions that affect his vision, hearing and even his memory. According to those closest to him, his condition has left him susceptible to undue influence. This undue influence, in turn, has allegedly cost the comic book icon who may be under attack by financial piranhas.

Unfortunately, undue influence is more common in the estate planning field than many care to think. There are steps that can be taken, though, to minimize this risk. For example, reducing the number of one’s accounts through consolidation can make them easier to remember, track and manage. In addition, a standby revocable trust can allow a successor trustee to step in to manage the trust’s assets when a testator becomes incapacitated or otherwise unable to manage the trust on his own.

Undue influence is just one of the many pitfalls that can await Arizonans who are unfamiliar with this area of the law. This is why it is usually in their best interests to seek out legal guidance when creating an estate plan. A competent attorney can help ensure that a holistic and legally sound plan is created with an eye on maximizing protection and reducing risks.