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Need competent estate planning? Look no further

A few weeks ago on the blog we discussed Aretha Franklin’s estate and how it was not subjected to any wills or trusts. In short, Franklin neglected to engage in estate planning of any sort. This may leave her considerable estate open to dispute as well as increased taxes. This is something that everyone should want to avoid, including those living in the Sun City area.

While the estate planning process may seem overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be. When you work with a skilled estate planning legal team like the one at the Moore Law Firm, you just need to be able to articulate your vision for the future of your estate and your loved ones. Even if you struggle to put your wishes into words, we can help guide you in the creation of your vision then work with you to bring that vision into reality.

Our firm has a strong understanding of the various estate planning tools at our disposal and how to customize their use to further our clients’ interests. Whether it’s creating trusts, modifying wills or establishing powers of attorney, we work with our clients to ensure they, their estate and their identified heirs and beneficiaries are as fully protected as is possible under the circumstances at hand.

There are a number of law firms that offer estate planning services. We believe ours stands out above the rest. Our attorneys have decades of legal experience, and we take representing our clients personally by getting to know them, understand them and even visit them in their homes and at the hospital when necessary to conduct business. We are hyper-focused on our clients’ needs, which time and again has led to strong estate plans that do exactly what they are supposed to do.