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October 2018 Archives

Consider legal help when changing an estate plan

Recently, this blog discussed estate planning in blended families. This post helps highlight the importance not only of initial estate planning, but also modifications of existing estates. After all, life changes all the time, and many of those changes can drastically affect your carefully laid out and documented plans. Therefore, to avoid estate distribution that is contrary to your wishes, you should be sure to revisit documents like wills and trusts to better ensure that your plan for your estate's future is perfectly encapsulated within those documents.

Estate planning tips for blended families

Whether you have lost your former spouse to death or divorce, remarrying often brings hope and happiness into your life again. Of course, it comes with its own challenges, especially when you each have your own children from previous relationships, but it is possible to work problems out with time and effort.

Reasons to change a will

Some people spend a lifetime saving and obtaining assets. When you boil it down, estate planning is about retaining control over your assets even after you pass away. For many Arizona residents, this means figuring out a way to best provide those assets to loved ones so that they can enjoy those assets for a long time to come. The most thought of, and perhaps the simplest, estate planning tool is the will. In short, a will lays out to whom assets will be left upon death. These documents can be as intricate as needed, but most of the time they are short and straightforward so as to avoid confusion and challenge later down the road.

Burt Reynolds leaves entire estate to a trust

There have been a number of famous people pass away lately, and each one has left a story to tell about how they chose to handle their estate. A few months ago, for example, we discussed how famed singer Aretha Franklin neglected to engage in estate planning, thereby leaving her assets open to creditor claims and the grasp of all individuals who feel they are entitled to a share of the estate.

Powers of attorney as part of an estate plan

Planning can be challenging for some, whether it is making plans for the weekend, next month, next year or at the end of his or her life. Estate planning can be an intricate process that allows you to dictate every detail of how your estate will be handled upon your death. But what happens if you don't make it that far in good health? What if you suddenly become incapable of making important financial and healthcare decisions on your own? If you haven't addressed this in your estate plan, then you may be subjected to a guardianship where another individual petitions the court to assume legal responsibility for you and your affairs. While that might sound okay, the individual who winds up assuming guardianship may not be your first choice.

The often neglected aspects of estate planning

Estate planning encompasses a lot of different things. For some, estate planning is nothing more than creating a basic will. For others, the process is more about preserving their legacy. This highlights one of the most important things about estate planning: it is customizable to fit your needs. While this certainly holds true for dealing with complex financial matters, it is also true for what is often thought of as "soft" estate planning.

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I got the family trust updated.
I was very pleased with the expertise and professionalism exhibited by your staff in serving my needs.

I needed to review my Will, recommended by my son.
Mr. Farrer’s expertise helped me realize that a Trust would better serve my needs.
The staff and Mr. Farrer were very professional and friendly (not cold). Thank you. Very comfortable atmosphere.

Our legal documents were outdated due to time and circumstances.
The staff at Moore Law Firm worked with us to develop a trust and other legal documents which meet our current as well as our future needs.
The staff at moore law firm were so professional, knowledgable and friendly to work with. They worked beyond to accomodate our needs. Thank you all.

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